About Us

Waalflower was born out of a shared passion for good design and well-made products that solved a pain point. At Waalflower, by combining innovative technology, functional design and considered details, we are creating products that will enhance and change the way you live with your tech.

The Waalflower Pro (our debut product) started out as a personal project to solve a personal pain, we enjoyed using iPads and tablets, as it was a truly mobile device, but felt they were always constrained by the limitations of wired charging.

We wanted a simple solution to a universal problem. And after days spent down the rabbit hole of the internet we realised the solution did not exist. What to do now?

As a team we come from product and design backgrounds, so we took it upon ourselves to create the solution, something that would rid the world of this great pain, to remove the angst of millions and to free humanity from its ultimate leash...wires! 

The Waalflower Team

In the summer of 2017 we began the long journey of creating something that we knew would solve our problem and we hope would solve this problem for people all around the world as well. The Waalflower Pro Set will debut on Kickstarter very soon, keep up to date on our progress by signing up to our mailing list, and if you want to contact us our inboxes are always open: team@waalflower.com