A wall mounted wireless charger for your tablet devices

What is Waalflower?

Waalflower was born out of a shared passion for good design and well-made products that solved a pain point. At Waalflower, by combining innovative technology, functional design, and considered details, we are creating products that will enhance and change the way you live with your tech.

The Waalflower Pro (our debut product) is a Wireless charging solution for tablets and iPads, allowing you to stay charged both on-the-go and in your home, all achieved whilst never being tethered to a wire again. The Waalflower Pro will launch on Kickstarter in March. 

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THE Pro set


The Home Hub

The Waalflower Pro Wall Mount acts as your central charging station. It comes with both screws and adhesive mounting meaning you can seamlessly attach it to any surface. With both function and form this looks great mounted in your home, office, store or anywhere you like.


The Last Case You'll Ever Buy

The Waalflower Pro Case is the ultimate protective case for your iPad. Its lightweight and intelligent design means a comfortable and secure grip, and the magic of the wireless charging is discreetly contained in 1/10th of an inch thickness.

We are launching on Kickstarter